Portevin medal 2018 to Nathalie Bozzolo


The Board of SF2M - French Society for Metallurgy and Materials - awards the 2018 Albert Portevin medal to Nathalie Bozzolo, Professor MINES ParisTech and head of Metallurgy, Structure, Rheology team at CEMEF.

Albert Portevin Medal is a recognition of a set of achievements. It rewards an outstanding contribution to the field of metallic materials processing. For Nathalie Bozzolo, getting the ANR OPALE Chair and holding responsabilities as a team leader contributed to this award. This prize ackonwledges her scientific contribution to the sharp and detailed analysis of microstructure evolution under thermomechanical processing. It adds to the visibility of the metallurgical research conducted at CEMEF today.

Nathalie Bozzolo will receive her medal during the SF2M Laureates event at  the MATERIAUX 2018 Conference, on Wednesday Nov. 21st 2018 in Strasbourg.

"It's a nice surprise. Of course it is pleasant to be rewarded for your own work. But I do not move on alone. Without the help of my colleagues, scientists and others, without my students, I could not do much. This medal is the consecration of a collective work".

Congratulations Nathalie.

Two other CEMEF scientists received the Portevin Medal in the past: Jean-François Agassant  in 2003 and Eric Felder in 2008.


>> This medal aims at recognizing the merits of a personality who has made an oustanding contribution in the fields in which Albert Portevin distinguished himself, among others, the transformation and the processing properties of materials.

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