Elie Hachem

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Head of the CFL research team

06904 Sophia-Antipolis -  France
tel. +33 (0)4 93 95 74 58
fax. +33 (0)4 92 38 97 52
office: E 227

Academic positions held:

2018 - 2021: Leader on MINDS: "Mines Initative for Numerics and Data  Sciences" 

2018 - 2022: Holder of the Industrial ANR CHAIR:  "INFinity"

2016 - Present:
Full Professor in Fluid Mechanics and Applied Mathematics at MINES ParisTech

2014 - Present: Head of the Computing & Fluids (CFL) research group at CEMEF >>click for details

2012 - 2013: Visiting Assistant Prof. in Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University, CA, USA

2009 - 2014: Associate Professor, MINES ParisTech 
Deputy team leader of CIM research group                   

08/2011: Visiting Fellow, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM, USA


- IBM Faculty Award on the use of fluid-structure interactions and computational fluid dynamics in the cloud, 2015 >>click for details

- INTEL & HP Award for the best oral presentation in high performance computing for computational fluid dynamics at Aristote Seminar, Ecole Polytechnique, Feb. 2015 >>click for details

- ECCOMAS PhD Award - Best Doctoral Thesis in Computational Fluid Dynamics awarded  from the European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, 2009 >> click for details

- SMAI PhD Award - Best Doctoral Thesis in Applied Mathematics awarded from the Society of Applied & Industrial Mathematics and Group of Advanced Numerical Methods and Engineering in France (SMAI-GMANI award), 2009 >> click for details

Academic background:


2014 HDR. in Applied Mathematics, University of Nice

External Jury: O. Pironneau (president), A. Quarteroni (EPFL), R. Abgrall (Univ. Zurich), J.F. Remacle (UCL), R. Codina (UPC)

2009 Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics & Computational Mechanics, MINES ParisTech


- Introduction to Microfluidics, graduate course, PSL Mines ParisTech
- Advanced numerical methods and Programming, graduate course, Mines ParisTech
- "S6133/5: Finite Elements & Application" Engineering Students, MINES ParisTech, Paris
- "Fluid Dynamics" Engineering Students, MINES ParisTech, Paris

Doctoral students:

In progress

23. Chen Junfeng

Physically-Informed-Machine-Learning for turbulent flows


22. Hassan Ghraieb

Using Artificial Intelligence for form optimization


21. Charles Brissot

Multiphysics for turbulent boiling phenomena


20. Remy Gerard

Radiative heat transfer using an immersed surface to surface method


19. Rami Nemer

Eulerian approach for fluid-membrane interactions


18. Ali-Malek Boubaya

Phase filed and levelset for liquid-vapor phase change and simluation


17. Fian Assemein
Aerothermal simulation and form optimization

16. Ayoub Aalilija
Conservative levelset method and surface tension for droplet levitation

15. C. Bahbah
Conservative interpolation and phase change in turbulent boiling


14. Robin Vallée
Coupling particle simulation and Navier-Stokes equations

13. Gabriel Manzinalli
Adaptive stopping criterion for coupled problems


12. Alban Bazil
Parallel adaptive aerothermal simulations for aircraft engines

11. Ghalia Guiza
Reliable adaptive RANS simulations for airship design


------------------------------- Past----------------------------------- ----


10. Luca Marioni (2018)
Analysis of electromagnetic field coupled with fluid dynamics

9. Mehdi Khalloufi (2018)
Multiphase flows, phase change and turbulent boiling

8. Stephanie Riber (2017)
Numerical methods for the simulation of continuum granular flow models

7. Laure Billon (2016)
Boundary-volume mesh generation and adaptation for complex geometries

6. Quentin Schmid (2016)
Stabilized finite element method for radiative transport equations (RTE)

5. Jéremy Vesset (2014) (co-directed with T. Coupez)
Immersed NURBS for CFD Applications

4. Ghina el Jannoun (2014) (co-directed with T. Coupez)
Space-time anistorpic mesh adaptation

3. Stephanie El-Feghali (2013)  (co-directed with T. Coupez)
Immersed stress method for Fluid-Structure Interaction

2. Guillaume François (2011) (co-directed with T. Coupez)
Turbulent multiphase flows: theory & application

1. Nadine El-Kossefi (2011) (co-directed with T. Coupez)
Levelset framework for quenching process


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