Elie Hachem

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Head of the CFL research team

06904 Sophia-Antipolis -  France
tel. +33 (0)4 93 95 74 58
fax. +33 (0)4 92 38 97 52
office: E 227

Academic positions held:

Since 2018: Holder of the ANR Industrial CHAIR:  "INFinity"

Since 2016:
Full Professor in Fluid Mechanics and Applied Mathematics at MINES ParisTech

Since 2014: Head of the Computing & Fluids (CFL) research team at CEMEF >>click for details

2012 - 2013: Visiting Assistant Prof. in Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University, CA, USA

2009 - 2014: Associate Professor, MINES ParisTech 
Deputy team leader of CIM research group                   

08/2011: Visiting Fellow, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM, USA


- IBM Faculty Award on the use of fluid-structure interactions and computational fluid dynamics in the cloud, 2015 >>click for details

- INTEL & HP Award for the best oral presentation in high performance computing for computational fluid dynamics at Aristote Seminar, Ecole Polytechnique, Feb. 2015 >>click for details

- ECCOMAS PhD Award - Best Doctoral Thesis in Computational Fluid Dynamics awarded  from the European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, 2009 >> click for details

- SMAI PhD Award - Best Doctoral Thesis in Applied Mathematics awarded from the Society of Applied & Industrial Mathematics and Group of Advanced Numerical Methods and Engineering in France (SMAI-GMANI award), 2009 >> click for details

Academic background:


2014 HDR. in Applied Mathematics, University of Nice

External Jury: O. Pironneau (president), A. Quarteroni (EPFL), R. Abgrall (Univ. Zurich), J.F. Remacle (UCL), R. Codina (UPC)

2009 Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics & Computational Mechanics, MINES ParisTech


- Introduction to Microfluidics, graduate course, PSL Mines ParisTech
- Advanced numerical methods and Programming, graduate course, Mines ParisTech
- "S6133/5: Finite Elements & Application" Engineering Students, MINES ParisTech, Paris
- "Fluid Dynamics" Engineering Students, MINES ParisTech, Paris

Doctoral students:

In progress

Fian Assemein (co-directed with F. Cauneau)
Aerothermal simulation and form optimization

Ayoub Aalilija (co-directed with C.A. Gandin)
Conservative levelset method and surface tension for droplet levitation

C. Bahbah (co-directed with Y. Mesri)
Conservative interpolation and phase change in turbulent boiling


Robin Vallée (co-directed with J. Bec)
Coupling particle simulation and Navier-Stokes equations

Gabriel Manzinalli  (co-directed with Y. Mesri)
Adaptive stopping criterion for coupled problems

Wafa Daldoul (co-directed with Y. Mesri)
New parallel moving mesh method for FSI applications

Alban Bazil  (co-directed with Y. Mesri)
Parallel adaptive aerothermal simulations for aircraft engines

Ghalia Guiza
Reliable adaptive RANS simulations for airship design

Jessica Sari (co-directed with Y. Mesri)
Form optimisation in CFD


--- Past ----

Luca Marioni (2018) (co-directed with F. Bay)

Analysis of electromagnetic field coupled with fluid dynamics

Mehdi Khalloufi (2018) (co-directed with R. Valette)

Multiphase flows, phase change and turbulent boiling

Stephanie Riber (2017) (co-directed with R. Valette)
Numerical methods for the simulation of continuum granular flow models

Laure Billon (2016) (co-directed with Y. Mesri)
Boundary-volume mesh generation and adaptation for complex geometries

Quentin Schmid (2016) (co-directed with Y. Mesri)
Stabilized finite element method for radiative transport equations (RTE)

Jéremy Vesset (2014) (co-directed with T. Coupez)
Immersed NURBS for CFD Applications

Ghina el Jannoun (2014) (co-directed with T. Coupez)
Space-time anistorpic mesh adaptation

Stephanie El-Feghali (209) (co-directed with T. Coupez)
Immersed stress method for Fluid-Structure Interaction

Guillaume François (209) (co-directed with T. Coupez)
Turbulent multiphase flows: theory & application

Nadine El-Kossefi (209) (co-directed with T. Coupez)
Levelset framework for quenching process

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