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Head of CIM Research Group

Department of Computational Mechanics
06904 Sophia-Antipolis -  France
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Submitted article

G. François, E. Hachem, Coupez Thierry

Stabilized Finite Element Methods for High Reynolds Free Surface Flows, submitted to Computer & Fluids ( 2010)

E. Hachem, H. Digonnet, Coupez Thierry

Stabilized finite element solution to handle complex heat and turbulent flows in industrial furnaces, submitted to V European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics, ECCOMAS CFD (2010)

Accepted article



Thierry Coupez

Metric construction by lenght distribution tensor and edge based error for anisotropic adaptive meshing,  accepted in Journal of Computational Physics, 2010

E. Hachem, B. Rivaux, T. Kloczko, H. Digonnet, T. Coupez

Stabilized finite element method for incompressible flows with high Reynolds number, Journal of Computational Physics, Voulme 229, Issue 23, 8643-8665, 2010

E. Hachem, H. Digonnet, N. Kosseifi, E. Massoni, T. Coupez

Enriched finite element spaces for transient conduction heat transfer,  Applied Mathematics & Computations, Volume 217, Issue 8, 3929-3943, 2010

E. Hachem, T. Kloczko, H. Digonnet, T. Coupez

Stabilized finite element solution to handle complex heat and fluid flows in industrial furnace using the immersed volume method, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, online , 2010

E. Hachem, H. Digonnet, E. Massoni, T. Coupez

Immersed volume method for solving natural convection, conduction and radiation of a hat-shaped disk inside a 3D enclosure, accepted in International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat and Fluid Flow, 2010

R. Valette, T. Coupez, C. David, B. Vergnes,

A direct 3D numerical simulation code for extrusion and mixing processes, Intern. Polym. Proc., 24, 141-147 , 2009

L. Ville, L. Silva, T. Coupez

Convected Level Set method for the numerical simulation of Fluid Buckling, Accepted in the International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids online (//°d.2259)

Y. Mesri, H. Digonnet, T. Coupez,

Advanced parallel computing in numerical forming with CimLib, European Journal of Computational Mechnaics 18 (7-8) 669 - 694, 2009

Bernacki Marc, Resk Heba, Coupez Thierry, Logé Roland E.,

Finite element model of primary recrystallization in polycrystalline aggregates using a level set framework,  Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng., ISSN 0965-0393, Vol. 17 064006, 2009

Bruchon Julien, Digonnet Hugues, Coupez Thierry,

Using a signed distance function fort he simulation of metal forming processes: formulation of the contact condition and mesh adaptation. From a Lagrangian approach to an Eulerian approach.,  Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engng 2009; 78:980-1008

Resk Heba, Delannay L., Bernacki Marc, Coupez Thierry, Logé Roland E.,

Adaptive mesh refinement and automatic remeshing in crystal plasticity finite element simulations,  Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng., ISSN 0965-0393, Vol. 17 075012, 2009

Bernacki Marc, Chastel Yvan, Coupez Thierry, Logé Roland E.,

Level set method for the numerical modelling of primary recrystallization in the polycrystalline materials, Scripta Materialia, 58, 12, 1129-1132, 2008

Bikard Jérôme, Coupez Thierry, Della Valle G., Vergnes Bruno,

Simulation of bread making process using a direct 3D numerical method at microscale. Analysis of foaming phase during proofing, J. Food Eng., 85, 259-267 2008

Logé Roland, Bernacki Marc, Resk Heba, Delannay L., Digonnet Hugues, Chastel Yvan, Coupez Thierry,

Linking plastic deformation to recrystallization in metals, using digital microstructures, Philosophical Magazine, 88, 30-32, pp. 3691-3712, 2008

Bernacki Marc, Chastel Yvan, Digonnet Hugues, Resk Heba, Coupez Thierry, Logé Roland,

Development of numerical tools for the multiscale modelling of recrystallization in metals, based on a digital material framework, Computer Methods in Materials Science, vol. 7, p. 142-149, 2007

Laure Patrice, Beaume Gregory, Basset Olivier, Silva Luisa, Coupez Thierry,

Numerical methods for solid particles in particulate flow simulations, European Journal of Computational Mechanic, vol.16, p. 365-383, 2007

Valette Rudy, Bruchon Julien, Digonnet Hugues, Laure Patrice, Leboeuf Mathilde, Silva Luisa, Vergnes Bruno, Coupez Thierry,

Fluid-structure interaction methods for multiscale simulation of mixing processes, Mécanique et Industries, vol. 8, n°2 , p. 251-258, 2007

Boussetta Ramzy, Coupez Thierry, Fourment Lionel,

Adaptive remeshing based on a posteriori error estimation for forging simulation, Comput Method Appl M, , special issue on “Advances in Computational Metal Forming”, Fourment Lionel et Chenot Jean-Loup (Eds), vol. 195, Issues 48-49, p. 6579-6858, 2006

Gruau Cyril, Coupez Thierry,

3D tetrahedral, unstructured and anisotropic mesh generation with adaptation to natural and multidomain metric, Comput Method Appl M, vol. 194, Issues 48-49, p. 4951-4976, 2006

Bikard Jérôme, Bruchon Julien, Coupez Thierry, Vergnes Bruno,

Numerical prediction of the foam structure of polymeric materials by direct 3D simulation of their expansion by chemical reaction based on a multidomain method, J Mater Sci, vol. 40, p. 5875-5881, 2005

Fournier Richard, Coupez Thierry, Vincent Michel,

Numerical determination of the permeability of fibre reinforcement for the RTM process, Revue Européenne de Mécanique Numérique, vol. 14(6-7), p. 803-818, 2005

Silva Luisa, Gruau Cyril, Agassant Jean-François, Coupez Thierry, Auffrey Jocelyn,

Advanced Finite element 3D Injection Molding, Int Polym Proc, vol. 20, n°3, p. 265-273, 2005

Conferences & Presentations
T. Coupez, H. Digonnet, Y. Mesri “Adaptive anisotropic parallel mesh adaptation with applications to interface capturing problem” NAMERN2009, Pau, juin 2009

T. Coupez. “Anisotropic adaptivity by direct construction of node based metrics from the length distribution tensor”, European Conference on Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications, ENUMATH 2009, June 29 - July 3 2009, Uppsala, Sweden

T. Coupez. Anisotropic adaptive meshing and Level-Set Method for interface
capturing problems. MULTIMAT 2009, Pavie, septembre 2009

T. Coupez. Adaptation anisotrope, Level Set et calcul d’interfaces, GDR Interaction Fluide Structure, journées traitement numérique des interfaces, Ecole centrale de Nante, Nantes, Avril 2009

T. Coupez. Adaptation de maillage anisotrope, Level Set convecté et problèmes d'interfaces. Université de La Rochelle, juin 2009

T. Coupez. Anisotropic mesh adaptation and convected Level Set: capture of immersed surfaces and interfaces. Université Louvain La Neuve, decembre 2009

T. Coupez, W. Zerguine, H. Digonnet, Y. Mesri. Adaptive anisotropic mesh and interface capturing problem. Symposium on Research in the Mathematical Sciences: Current status and Future perspectives by CAMS, American University of Lebanon, Jan. 2009, Beirut

T. Coupez. L. Ville, L. Silva. Fluid buckling calculation by Level Set and adaptive anisotropic meshing. Keynote lecture in computational modelling of the 5th Annual European Rheology Conference AERC2009, April 15-17, Cardiff - United Kingdom

T. Coupez, Marc Bernarki, Luisa Silva, Hugues Digonnet. Level Set and anisotropic adaptive meshing with applications in material microstructure dynamics. conference invitée F2M, Paris, Juin 2009

Books & Chapters

Coupez Thierry, Digonnet Hugues, Laure Patrice, Silva Luisa, Valette Rudy,

Multidomain finite elements computations for multiphasic problems,   Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian and Fluid-Structure Interaction, M. Souli and D.J. Benson eds, Wiley  (2009)

Coupez Thierry, Digonnet Hugues, Laure Patrice, Silva Luisa, Valette Rudy,

Calculs éléments finis multi-domaines : applications aux problèmes multi-phasiques, Interaction Fluide Structure: Modélisation et Simulation Numérique, Souli M. (Ed.), Hermès 2008


Coupez Thierry, Digonnet Hugues, Laure Patrice, Silva Luisa, Valette Rudy,

Calculs éléments finis multidomaines : applications aux problèmes multi-phasiques,  Interaction fluide-structure : modélisation et simulation numérique, Eds M Souli et J.-F. Sigrist, Lavoisier 2006

Batkam Serge, Bruchon Julien, Coupez Thierry,

A space-time discontinuous Galerkin method for convection and diffusion in injection moulding , Int J of Forming Processes, vol. 7/1-2, p. 11-33, 2004

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