CEMEF released software

CEMEF designs and develops simulation tools for the optimisation of process conditions. Tools are mainly based on finite element and parallel computing methods and include an initial mesh.

The software publishers Transvalor and Sciences Computers Consultants market these developments to industrialists, adapting the software to fit their needs.


The aim of this software is to propose an industrial solution for simulating microstructural changes, at the mesoscopic scale and on Representative Elementary Volumes (REVs), during metal forming processes.

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Forge® :

The reference product in the field of hot, warm and cold forge simulation. Today, it is used by over 200 companies throughout the world, including most of the major automobile and aeronautical manufacturers.

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Thercast® :

Simulation of 3D thermomechanic filling and cooling of foundry items. The software takes into account interactions with the mould and anticipates shrinkage, air knives and mould deformations.

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THOST® - Thermal systems simulation:

Simulation of heating processes with multiple stakes: materials firing, drying, best energical supplies, consumption, CO² rejects...

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Rem3D® :

Simulation of the injection of thermoplastic and composite polymers and elastomers. It can simulate filling, packing and cooling as well as warpage and shrinkage.

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Ximex® - mixing and extrusion simulation:

3D modelling of flows and distributive and dispersive mixing in the extruder screw system, and of the mixing processes.

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Ludovic® - Twin screw simulation software:

1D modelling of the fusion and transport of thermoplastic polymers in twin-screw, co-rotative extruders.

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The software publishers, Transvalor and Sciences and Computers Consultants, adapt and market the software to fit the needs of industrialists.

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