Expertise in materials, processing and simulation

Research activities are centred on the physical and mechanical understanding of the principal aspects of materials processing and forming. A variety of materials are studied: metals, synthetic and natural polymers, composites and nanocomposites, glass and ceramics, food industry products, etc.

The work is made possible thanks to the pool of physics materials (rheology, mechanics, microstructural analysis, physical chemistry, etc.), processing materials (metal and polymer forming), and computing resources available at CEMEF.

The centre focuses particularly on three research poles :


Knowledge of processes

  • Measures on instrument-equipped industrial or pilot processes available at CEMEF
  • Analysis of thermo-mechanical phenomena during forming (pressure, temperature, stress on material)
  • Understanding of the origin of defects, and correction
  • Aid to optimise tool design


Knowledge of materials

  • Behaviour during forming (during flow or deformation, thermal and tribological behaviour)
  • Microstructure caused by forming and final properties (mechanical, optical, etc.)
  • Physics, physical chemistry and mechanics of surfaces and interfaces. Optimisation of composites and nanocomposites and of structured materials
  • Physical and numerical metallurgy
  • Physics and physical chemistry of natural and synthetic polymers


Numerical simulation and software

  • Finite elements numerical simulation of velocity, pressure, temperature, and micro-structure evolutions during forming
  • Devising of computing methods
  • Parallel computing
  • Optimisation
  • Coupling between material flows and deformation of tools; thermal, mechanical and microstructure coupling

Taken as a whole, the work leads to the overall optimisation of the processing chain.

> For more detailed information on the above activities, go to the website’s Research pages.

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