Set up a project with CEMEF

If you are interested in setting up a project in collaboration with CEMEF, here are the various steps involved :



Prepare a work schedule, after discussions with one of CEMEF’s research managers



Define the scope of the project

  • detailed study of a subject (3 years)
  • specific development (1 to 2 years)
  • application of the results of previous work, or approach on a new theme (6 months - 1 year)
  • exploration of a subject before tackling a wider project (3-6 months)


Define the appropriate funding as part of PhD project work

  • your company will provide full funding to CEMEF, which will be responsible for paying staff
  • your company will finance laboratory fees, and pay the PhD student in line with a Cifre convention and state aid
  • you will go into partnership with other companies to get funding
  • your company will submit a project, with CEMEF’s help, to the French State (e.g. ANR) or the European Commission in reply to one of their calls. CEMEF will offer its experience and help in setting up the proposal


Define the work area for a MAPMOD project

Need, content, organization, follow up.

>> Find out more on MAPMOD advanced master website



Define work conditions

Place of work, progress schedule, meetings and visits. We consider feedback to industry to be of vital importance.


Recruit a student

CEMEF takes care to employ quality staff as a guarantee of good work. You will be involved in the selection process.


Draw up a contract, stipulating in particular the ownership and confidentiality clauses

All CEMEF staff are sworn to confidentiality.
A contract is set up between your company and Armines, which represents CEMEF.


Set the start date

  • PhDs and post-master students start on 1 October each year. Applications are receivedall at any time
  • Internships generally take place between February and July
  • Postdoctoral studies can start at any time
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