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CEMEF offers a wide diversity of PhD subjects (15 to 20) every year in a large range of scientific fields: processing, mechanics, materials, biomaterials, scientific computing.
Since January 2016, PhD students receive, after defence of their thesis, the PhD diploma of PSL Research University - prepared at MINES ParisTech.

Each project responds to a need in industry and calls for fundamental scientific research in one or more disciplines.

The annual gross salary is 27k€ for the 3 years of the Ph.D, except for thesis under a CIFRE industrial agreement (in this case, Ph.D. student is employed directly by the company which fixes the wage. Annual gross salary cannot be less than 23484€).

Applications are read carefully. Most importance is given to the results, the skills and the motivation of applicants. Fill in the application form with care. The information that you will provide can make a difference as we receive hundreds of applications per recruitment campaign.

Most of the subjects are not displayed online either because in progress or for confidentiality reasons. We still suggest you apply.

Your application will be examined by CEMEF Ph.D. supervisors. If interested in your profile, they will contact you for an initial telephone interview. In case of a favourable impression, a second interview meeting will take place either at CEMEF in Sophia Antipolis or by audio/video means.

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PhD thesis available at CEMEF:

update : 21/10/2019

"Caractérisation et modélisation de la microstructure 3D des superalliages à base nickel."

Keywords: "Microstructure polycristalline, Agrégat de grains, Précipitation, Recristallisation et Croissance de Grains, Plasticité Cristalline, Superalliages, Aéronautique"

"Modélisation du procédé de fluotournage de tôles épaisses pour l'industrie spatiale."

Keywords: "Fluotournage, Modélisation par éléments finis, plasticité, endommagement ductile"

Morphological analysis and modeling of the foaming process of elastomers.

Keywords: Elastomer, Foaming, Injection, Reactive Materials, Microstructure, Modeling

Advanced 3D Numerical Modelling of Induction Heating Processes

Keywords: Scientific Computing, Finite Elements, Electromagnetism, Multiphysics Couplings

New 3D Finite-Element level-Set Framework for the modeling of Solid-Solid phase transformations and grain Interfaces for Large-Scale Polycrystals.

Keywords: FE Method, HPC, C++, Metallurgy, Solid-solid phase transformations, Grain interfaces.

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