PhD programmes at CEMEF

Scientific research is a rich and rewarding career, and CEMEF seeks to convey this passion to its students. It strives to make PhD studies an enriching human, scientific and professional experience.

CEMEF offers PhD students:

  • High quality teaching: over 30 professors and associate-professors and over 20 engineers and technicians in 10 research teams.

  • National, European and international projects: industrial partnerships, consortiums, projects funded by the National Research Agency and the European Commission.

  • Complementary training, providing vital skills for future researchers: scientific engineering projects, scientific English, how to run teams and communicate, how companies work.

  • Computer equipment and high-performance material.

  • An information centre with access to the library resources of the six Ecole des Mines schools.

  • An annual gross salary of about 27 000 euros (except CIFRE Salary).

  • Attractive living and working conditions on the French Riviera in the Sophia Antipolis technopark.

Over a three-year period, PhD students get to taste the huge variety of a research career:

  • Project management via progress meetings that take place throughout his or her studies:


    with his or her supervisor,



    with the head of PhD studies,



    with partners outside the project.

  • Presentation of results:


    at national and international congresses,


    through publication in scientific journals.

  • Team management:


    of technicians providing practical interventions,



    of interns working on the project.

  • Teaching experience through giving practical, guided lessons to students of
    post-master or master degrees.

After defence, students receive the diploma of “Doctor of the PSL Research University”.


  • 60% of CEMEF doctors work in the R&D departments of large industrial companies, in France and elsewhere in Europe . 

  • 20% work in state research. 

  • 20% teach in universities, engineering schools, etc. 

On average, researchers start work two and a half months after completing their thesis.

PhD studies take place within the Computational Mechanics and Materials doctorate programme of MINES ParisTech (Ecole des Mines de Paris).
Since January, 2016, the PHD is a PSL Research University PhD prepared at MINES ParisTech.
Applications open to all the students with an engineering diploma, masters degree or 5 years of university studies.
European doctorate label:
As well as the Doctor of the PSL Research University diploma, students who fulfil conditions defined by the Conference of University Presidents can receive this label on request.
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