You are insterested in applying to the MAPMOD post master degree

Visit of the MaPMod students at CNIM
Visit of the MaPMod students at CNIM

Professional projects

The professional project is defined by a company, on a current issue, focusing on complex and innovating topics. Students benefit, during the one year programme, of an individual high level supervision from a senior scientist of CEMEF. They will have to use both their initial skills and the competences acquired during the programme to deal with a project in an industrial framework. The professional project leads to the writing of a report that shows the understanding of the project objectives, its global mastering (scientific and technical issues) and its capabilities to analyze the results.


Some examples  of professionnal projects :

CNIM : Optimization of electrom beam welding
Experimental and theoretical studies of carbon fiber damage in thermoplastic injection
DOW : Investigation of water based acrylic emulsions properties for the production of pressure sensitive adhesives by various coating processes
SIKA France :
Dispersion of Black carbon pellets in a newtonian matrix
SNECMA : Grain Boundary Engineering for Inconel 718

Professional opportunities

    • R&D positions for national and international companies in the following areas: automotive, software development, aeronautics, energy, automotive supplier, engineering design,..
    • Large industrial companies
    • Expert in of R&D departments of manufacturing companies (processing, transformation and usage)
    • Software development companies
    • Research engineer in public research organizations.

French and international companies strongly appreciate the expertise level of our graduate.

We carry out a yearly surveys to know what our recent graduates are doing. Our latest figures show that they get a job very quickly and easily, either in French companies or in international companies.

For instance, in 2008:
      • 50 % of Adavanced Master graduates get a job before ending their programme
      • 90% are in activity 4 months after their graduation :
        75% are in professional activity
        15 % are pursuing studies (PhD ...)
      • 25% got a job abroad
      • 98% are satisfied and will suggest a young graduate to follow the same Advanced Master as them

36 600€ is the average yearly gross salary for a MINES ParisTech Advanced Master's graduate in 2008, without former professional experience and employed in France.

Formation fees

Formation fees are paid by the industrial partner, only administrative registration is paid by the students (around 150000 euros HT) .


Living conditions

Each student is sponsored by a partner. CEMEF is finding the industrial partner. Students are paid during the whole year : 400 euros per months, the 6 first months and minimal legal salary during the internship.

Application and admission

You should have a Master of Science diploma or equivalent level. A good level in English is required, since all courses are being taught in English.

    • Application is open from March to July. Online application is mandatory. You will need the following documents: Resume, last diploma, grades, reference letter. Only the resume is necessary to apply, you can send the other documents separately. However your application will be considered only if you have sent all the information.

    • We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. An interview is first planned for the academic evaluation, a second with an industrial partner if your application is validated from the academic point of view. If both interviews are validated, the admission is granted.

If you join one of our programmes of Advanced Master's degrees, you will find:

    • A very high level of MINES ParisTech teachers and their academic partners
    • Numerous seminars and lectures given by our industrial partners
    • Individual supervising thanks to small classes
    • A network of more than 8 000 graduates.
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