Teaching program of the MaPMod post master degree

Teaching contents of the Materials Processing and Modelling post-master degree

MS MaPMod in class
MS MaPMod in class …


The program last 12 months and consists in two parts:

  • 6 months of theoretical courses, conferences, case studies, group projects, practical and interactive exercices, study trips, industrial visits
  • 6 months of professional mission in a company

6 months of theoretical and applied courses evaluated through applied technical , scientific and management projects:

  • Basic knowledge (140 hours)
  • Specialisation courses (160 hours).
  • Professionalizing (Scientific Presentation, Project Management, Job prospection, Industrial Conferences , Industrial Visits)
  • Preparing the professional thesis - the project is completed by a written report and an oral defence.
Theoretical program represents 45 ECTS., intermediary presentation ( report and defense) 5 ECTS.


Basic knowledge –Mandatory courses

15 ECTS  (140 h)
    • Continuum Mechanics
    • Numerical Analysis
    • Materials Physics
    • Characterisation & Surfaces
    • Mechanical testing

Specialization courses - 160h

Specialization courses are organized in 3 sections.
Each section is composed of theoretical teaching, use of dedicated softwares and practical courses on devices of CEMEF. Anapplication project is also finalizing the section.


The 3 sections are:

Polymers: from processing to end-use properties
[Edith Peuvrel-Disdier]
    • Polymer Physics
    • Polymer fluid rheology
    • Microstructure: Development and characterization
    • Characterization of solid polymers
    • Polymer Processing
    • Advanced behavior polymers fluid
    • Polymer processing project
    • rem3D®
    • Cadmould®

Metal forming for industrial applications
[Gilles Guillemot]
    • Phase Transformations
    • Physics & mechanics of plasticity
    • Microstruc evelopment and characterization
    • Recrystallization & grain growth
    • SEM characterization of metallic materials
    • Advanced behavior of metals
    • Tribology in metal forming
    • Metal Manufacturing Processes
    • Application project
    • Forge®
    • Thercast®

Computational modeling of materials
[Katia Mocellin]
    • Finite elements
    • Optimisation & Inverse Analysis
    • Computational Damage& Fracture Mechanics
    • Behavior of materials
    • Interfaces modeling
    • Meshing
    • Application project
    • Forge®
    • Abaqus®


10 ECTS  (100 h)
    • Project Management
    • Job Prospection
    • Visites Industrielles
    • Conférences Industrielles

6 months of of professional training project:

This 6 months full-time training period is a specific research project performed for a company. The topics are jointly selected by senior researchers of CEMEF and by the companies for which students carry out the work. The student is supervised by a researcher and a representative from the company hosting the student. The project is completed by a written report and an oral defense.

Final presentation (report and oral defense) represents 30 ECTS.


Excellent scientific and technical supervision
High-technology environment thanks to the research center CEMEF
Close connection with leading industrial corporations
Small classes with individualised supervising.

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