Current postdoctoral projects

Charles Bianchetti

Parametric numerical analysis of defects on ductile failure of pressurized metallic pipes. Computational Mechanics and Physics research unit

Jean-Baptiste Charpentier

Multiscale modeling of glued assemblies failure. Computational Mechanics and Physics, Polymers and Composites, and Surfaces and Processes research units

Baptiste Flipon

Perform both mechanical testing and microstructural observations, develop and use numerical means for parameters identification and improve the DIGIMU software material database, providing also support and training of the industrial partners to this tool. Computational Mechanics and Physics and Metal Physics research units

Jordi Girones

Composite materials (based on either thermoplastic polymers or cements) reinforced with fibers from dedicated crops. Polymers and Composites research unit

Lucas Sardo

Complex fluid simulation. Computational Mechanics and Physics research unit

Anthony Seret

Quantitative microstructural characterization of the René 65 nickel-base superalloy depending on the forming conditions. Metal Physics research unit

Anselmo Soeiro Pereira

Rheology of dense suspensions jets. Computational Mechanics and Physics  research unit

Gilles Tahan

Laser propulsion - preliminary definition of a demonstrator. Polymers and Composites research unit

Thi-To-Loan Vo

Mechanical and thermal properties of new materials based on cellulose acetate. Polymers and Composites research unit

Fangxin Zou

Starch aerogels as drug delivery matrices. Polymers and Composites research unit

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