Internships at CEMEF

Each year, around 20 students are accepted for an internship at CEMEF.

There are two types of CEMEF internships :

  • Internships linked with a company on projects relating to a need within industry
  • Internships in laboratory research preparation work

Students have access to:

  • Quality teaching : over 30 scientific advisors and over 20 engineers and technicians in 10 research teams.
  • A proper study and research project.
  • Computer equipment and high-performance material.
  • A large information centre.
  • An allowance depending on an hourly ceiling set by the social security.
  • Attractive living and working conditions at the Sophia Antipolis technopark.

Internship topics and recruitment :

A wide range of topics is available, and this is a direct result of the great variety of scientific fields addressed at CEMEF.
We do not accept interns at BSc level. Only MSc or MTech students may candidate. Minimum duration of internships is three months. Applications are open throughout the year.

List of internship subjects currently on offer :

update: 22/03/2019

"Compréhension de l’endommagement lors du passage d’une soudure dans l’emprise d’un laminoir." detail [in French]
"Analyse et modélisation du procédé de galetage de gorges de vilebrequin." detail [in French]
Data-driven multiscale strategy for the prediction of void closure in material forming processes detail
"Mise en service d’un tribomètre dédié à l’étude de l’usure de courroies en V en élastomères." detail [in French]
"Etude thermique d'un tribomètre en roulement/glissement." detail [in French]

How to apply :

Please only send one application, even if you are interested in a number of subjects.

application online

For more details on a particular subject, contact the project leader shown on the subject information sheet.

Internship agreements are drawn up either by MINES ParisTech or Armines, which represents CEMEF.
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