Apply for our post-master degree !

visit at Airbus
Visit at Airbus for the MS MaPMod

You will need to graduate with a Masters degree or the equivalent of 5 years of university studies.

Applications are open from March to July. Thanks to send your application at this time.
The beginning of the school year takes place at the end of September.


10-15 projects are on offer each year.

To apply (from the 1st March), please fill in the online application form
Thanks to prepare in advance your documents (CV, passport, official proofs of your grades, references from professors). In case you miss one or several of these documents, you may e-mail them later , except CV.
You only have 20 mn to fill in the application form. When your application is validated, you will receive an e-mail to confirm it.

The application procedure is divided in 3 steps:

  • application file is evaluated by the recruitment team,
  • candidates are interviewed to evaluate precisely their background and motivation leading to an admissibility status,
  • an industrial sponsor is found for the candidate with an adapted project. The candidate is then accepted for the post master.

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