Research at CEMEF

Research is multidisciplinary at CEMEF, from fundamental research to applications. Based on fundamental studies, the centre’s research activities are centred on the physical and mechanical understanding of the principal aspects of materials processing and forming.

CEMEF currently carries out research work in the following fields :

  • Numerical analysis applied to solving mechanical problems of solids and fluids using the finite element method. Parallel computing.
  • Numerical modelling of materials processing. Optimisation methods.
  • Fluid-structure couplings, thermal-mechanical-microstructure, multi-physical couplings.
  • Physics, physical chemistry and mechanics of surfaces and interfaces.
  • Physical and numerical metallurgy.
  • Physics and physical chemistry of synthetic and natural polymers.
  • Rheology, flow induced structure and mechanical properties of liquids and solids.
  • Processing – end-use properties relationships, overall optimisation of the processing chain.
  • Design and realisation of prototypes, instrumentation.

Just out : a document presenting our research activities in the wide field of polymer processing - from the gram to the kilogram scale - Upload it now (.pdf).

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