Biocomposites injected

The work of Ahmed Abdennadher is focused on the understanding of the microstructure of injected composites based on a thermoplastic polymer and natural fibres. The PhD started in October 2012.

The properties of moulded parts depend on fiber orientation, length and concentration, which are influenced by injection.
The objective of this PhD project is to correlate fibre morphology with composite microstructure and properties in order to obtain the best possible mechanical properties and compete with glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics.

To reach the objective, it will be necessary to understand and predict the structural organization of moulded natural fibers composites taking into account the specificities of these fibers due to their various intrinsic properties such as flexibility, initial organization (size, bundles, composition), mechanisms of breakage under mechanical stresses, etc.

The work consists of experimental part (observations of model and real fibre behaviour) and modelling (numerical modelling of flow allowing correlation of mechanical and thermal history to the observed microstructures).
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