Biocomposites base d'algues/Algae-based biocomposites

Postdoc subject of Bulota Mindaugas

Most of the materials in nature are composites. They provide an advantage of being able to adapt the materials’ properties to changing environment, hence has been naturally utilized in living organisms since the advent of the first invertebrates.

Biocomposites are made by melt mixing bio-based polymer with natural filler. Many studies have been dedicated to find optimal ingredients and ratios to obtain biocomposites with desirable properties. Nevertheless, a wide variety of natural materials impose a challenge to find a universal formula (which is virtually impossible). Thus each group of fillers has to be studied in detail to discover the opportunities it may offer. In addition, the resulting biocomposites have to be produced in economically effective manner.

The study, carried out within the industrial chair in bioplastics, aims to explore the potential of using algae as filler in thermoplastic biocomposites. The procurement paths for algae already exist since they are widely used in beauty and food industries thus, presumably, it would allow production of cost-effective materials. Additional aspect is an opportunity to utilize by-products, deriving from the algae industrial treatments, in biocomposites.
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