Ternary blends

The Ph.D. research work of Yang Fu concerns mixtures of three types of bio-based polymers which are not misible to each other.

     Mixing of incompatible polymers is a way to get synergistic properties that are not present in each polymer individually.
Usually mixtures are prepared with two incompatible polymers, but here we plan to explore the system of ternary mixtures of bio-based polymers, to understand and control their morphology and therefore their final properties.
      The aimed complexity of morphologies could pave the way for new bio-based materials capable to substitute polymers from petroleum or to have new properties and thus enable new applications. Besides the inherent difficulties in ternary mixtures such as deficiency of understanding the dynamics of morphologic growth or stabilization of the structures, the use of bio-based polymers generates additional problems such as processing at low temperature range and sometimes absence of compatibilizers for certain pairs of polymers.

The research is oriented to:
    • Understand the development of morphology of ternary mixtures and the relationship between morphology and properties
    • Control the methods for preparing mixtures with desired morphologies

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