CEMEF facilities

Each year, CEMEF invests in computers and experimental devices.

The latest most important acquisitions are:

  • Flowforming machine:

    Flowforming is a mean to produce seamless metallic tubes by cold deformation.
    An instrumented flowforming machine has been developped at Cemef which permits to better understand the forces and torques involved during the process.

  • Electric injection molding machine:

    which supposes an excellent precision. The maximum available pressure is very high, 3000 bars.
    The screw diameter is 18 mm, so that the quantity of polymer necessary for carrying out tests is small, which is interesting for material development.

  • Servo hydraulic fatigue testing machine:

    used for thermo-mechanical testing in monotonic and cyclic regimes, with a load capacity of 250 kN.
    The main objective is to treat small deformations with high accurcay, with applications to structural metals and polymers, including composites.

  • RheoArt preshear rheometer:

    The RheoArt is the new generation of capillary rheometers with controlled preshear. It was designed by ARTechnologies France, in collaboration with Cemef.
    This instrument allows to control accurately the thermomechanical past of the material before its rheological measurement through a capillary die.

  • Magnetic pulse forming system for metal processing:

    Magnetic pulse forming system for metal processing comprising a 20 kJ/9kV generator, a device for plane magnetic pulse forming and a 'pancake'-like forming coil.
    The main goal is to perform validation tests for numerical computational tools developed at Cemef, as well as characterization of material behavior at high strain rates.

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