Design Department, Workshop Team

MEA team


Responsible :

Christelle Combeaud



Enginieers & technicians :

Marc Bouyssou, Erick Brotons, Guillaume Corvec, Francis Fournier, Arnaud Pignolet


Applications :

developments of experimental prototypes



Key-words :

- Machining
- Mechanical concept
- Physical measurement
- Instrumentation and machine control


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The main objectives of MEA team:

The team « Mesures, Etudes, Atelier » develops experimental set-ups and prototypes for the laboratory, in partnership with CEMEF researchers. The developments do concern all types of materials (metals, polymers, ceramics and bio-materials), taken in a solid or liquid state.


Projects :

Inside Processes:

- Inverse flow-forming

Scientific and technical issues:
    • Understanding of forces and couples involved
    • Influence of mandrel and feed speed
    • Influence of lubrication
    • Comparison of mandrel and roller speeds
inverse flow-forming drawing

Thermo-mechanical characterization:

- Bi-stretching of heart valves in immersed environment

Scientific and technical issues:
    • Mechanical characterization of bio-materials
    • Demonstration of possible mechanical anisotropy
    • Understanding deformations localization
    • Influence of submerged scenario
bi-streching drawing

In-situ analysis:

- Tensile mini-machine coupled with RX goniometer

Scientific and technical issues:
    • Impose tensile loading on metallic specimen
    • Couple the mechanical behavior with DRX analysis

tensile mini machine drawing


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