Computing and FLuids

CFL Research Team (old CIM team)

Elie Hachem, Jérémie Bec, François Cauneau (chercheur associé), Thierry Coupez, Aurélien Larcher, Philippe Meliga (chercheur associé), Youssef Mesri, Rudy Valette

We develop new methods and techniques to address a number of problems in engineering, physics and life sciences.

We focus also on massively parallel numerical methods to efficiently model processes and physical phenomena at different industrial scales.

The scientific questions treated concern Computational Mathematics and Mechanics.

CFL: team 2019

 CFL team 2019
(Youssef Mesri missing and Franck Pigonneau [friend of CFL])

CFL: team 2018

CFL: team 2017/2018

(Robin Vallée and Alban Bazile missing)

CFL: team 2017

left (F. Pigeonneau, friend of CFL)

CFL: team 2016

The CFL Team in 2015

(Youssef, Jessica,Alexandre and Romain are not in the picture)

The CFL Team in 2014

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