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Marc Bernacki, Pierre-Olivier Bouchard, Daniel Pino Muņoz, Patrice Laure

What are the evolutions of microstructure induced by forming and heat treatment operations? How can one model them? What are the appropriate lengthscales? What are the different strategies to build a bridge between the different scales?

Through the development of numerical methods dedicated to multiscale modeling, the team MSM tries to provide new answers and methods to these different questions.

Furthermore, all of these numerical techniques contribute to build, to structure and to improve the scientific finite element library (CIMLib) developed by the CEMEF.

Lines of research:

    • Development of massively parallel numerical methods in materials science,
    • Applied Mathematics and Numerical Methods: FEM, numerical analysis, multiscale methods, stochastics approaches, mathematical morphology.
    • Small-scale applications.
    • Development of numerical methods dedicated to interfaces tracking problems:
      - immersed/body fitted/mixed descriptions,
      - level-set, phase field & multiphase field, stochastics approaches, discrete methods...
    • FE mesh adaptation: mesher and remesher, metric.

Group research activity:

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