ANR industrial chair Safran Opale


This chair is based on a need expressed by the Safran group and brings together the expertise of CEMEF (MINES ParisTech, UMR CNRS) on the impact of processing on microstructure and the expertise of the Institute P' (UPR CNRS ISAE / ENSMA) on the impact of microstructure mechanical properties and in-service behavior.

This ambitious project therefore covers a wide research field: from the fine material analysis and his mechanical behavior, to the modeling of the process-microstructure and microstructure-properties relationships.

Fundamental research works (experimental and numerical developments, analysis of metallurgical mechanisms) will feed studies derived from industrial issues (support for the development of processing routes or new processes)

The overall objective is the optimisation of the in-service behavior of different Nickel base superalloy grades, by controlling the microstructures obtained after forging operations.

Nathalie Bozzolo photo, CEMEF MINES ParisTech

Nathalie Bozzolo, professor in Physical Metallurgy at CEMEF, is the chair holder. 

«Such a project offers an exceptional opportunity for running a wide research project meeting a concrete industrial need. One of my tasks will be to guarantee the complementarity and the coherency of the studies made by all the actors of the chair (four researchers, nine PhD students and five post-doctoral fellows).

The whole set of works carried out within the frame of the OPALE chair aims at the emergence of tomorrow's metallurgy. It will be based on predictive models covering the material transformation chain, the material properties and its evolution under service conditions, such models as those which will be developped based on the OPALE works."»

Inconel 718

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The ANR SAFRAN chair in brief:

Partners : ANR, CRT SAFRAN, CEMEF MINES ParisTech, Institut P’
Duration: 5 years

PhDs : 9 (5 at CEMEF)
Post-docs: 5 (3 at CEMEF)

: 2.3 M€
B.P. 207 - 06904 Sophia Antipolis Cedex
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