"Predicting limiting grain size post-grain growth in nickel based superalloys with complex distributions of gamma' precipitates. "
PhD 2017-2020
Romane Quéré

"Evolution of microstructure during forging of VDM780 alloy"
Ingineer 2017-2018
Juhi Sharma

"Analysis of the stability of high entropy alloys by dewetting of thin films."
Post-doctorate 2017-2018
Younès Addab

"Development of a global numerical full field framework in order to describe grain and phase interfaces during hot metal forming."
PhD 2017-2020
Chau-Thuy Pham

"New 3D Finite-Element meshing/remeshing approach for large-scale dynamic polycrystals."
PhD 2017-2020
Sebastian Florez

"Deal with high anisotropies of interface properties and crystal plasticity in context of the level set method - Application to polycrystal microstructures."
PhD 2017-2020
David Ruiz

"Mean Field simulation of recovery and recrystallization of cold worked pure tantalum."
PhD 2017-2020
Jules Baton

"Analysis of the metallurgical mechanisms occurring in the AD730 alloy during stresses relaxation annealing."
PhD 2017-2020 2017-2020
Malick Durand

"Prediction of the mechanical properties of nickel-based superalloys according to their microstructure."
PhD 2017-2020
Marco Panella

"From crystal to boundary plate : numerical approach of peridotites healing."
PhD 2017-2020
Jean Furstoss

"Experimental investigations and full field modeling of HIP-bonding process."
PhD 2017-2020
Luc Védie

"Full Field modelling of grain growth in ODS steels : Level-set versus Monte Carlo. "
Internship 2017
Flore Villaret

"Study of metallurgical phenomena in the deformed metallic materials."
Post-doctorate 2016-2017
Abdellatif karch

"Microstructures and properties of screw press forged Nickel-based superalloys."
Thèse de doctorat 2016 – 2019
Alexis Nicolay

"Full field modelling of annealing twin formation and evolution using a finite element method applied to Nickel based superalloys"
Thèse de doctorat 2016 – 2019
Julien Fausty

"Full field level-set modeling of diffusion welding at polycrystalline scale "
Master internship 2016
Yang Zhan

"Dislocations sub-structures analysis of deformed Tantalum with channel die compression"
Master internship 2016
Virgil Malard

"Development by homogenization of a new mean field dynamic recrystallization (DRX) model."
PhD 2015 – 2018
Ludovic Maire

"Microstructural evolution of the AD730TM Nickel-base superalloy during an industrial forging process. "
PhD 2015 – 2018
Suzanne Vernier

"Dependence of work hardening on forging conditions and influence on precipitation kinetics."
PhD 2015 – 2018
Anthony Seret

" Use of intraganular heterogeneities in FE\level-set\CPFEM calculations for full field modeling of recrystallization"
Post - doctorate 2015 – 2017
Dmitrii Ilin

"Dynamic recrystallization of anisotropic materials"
Post - doctorate 2015 – 2016
Lu Tuan Le

"Microstructural and mechanical characterization of a composite with metal matrix (T1-6Al - 2Sn - 4Zr - 0.1Si - 2MB), reinforced with TiB particles"
Master internship 2015
Pierrick Rambaud

"Full field numerical modeling of dynamic recrystallization in a level-set framework"
PhD 2014 – 2017
Romain Boulais-Sinou

"Spheroidization in titanium alloys: experimental analysis and numerical modeling "
PhD 2014 – 2017
Danai Polychronopoulou

"Analysis and simulation of static recovery in pure Tantalum"
Post - doctorate 2014 – 2015
Charbel Moussa

"Microstructure of annealed Tantalum – Modeling of recovery phenomenon"
Post Master MAPMOD 2014 – 2015
Victor Manuel Trejo Navas
"Microstructural evolution in René 65 during forging"
PhD 2013 – 2016
Marie-Agathe Charpagne

"Development of 3D numerical tools for the full field modeling of recrystallization in an industrial context"
PhD 2013 – 2016
Benjamin Scholtes

"Experimental study and simulation of recrystallization in Inconel 718 during forging "
PhD 2012 – 2015
Meriem Zouari

"Study the influence of the microstructure surface state on the fatigue of forging pieces" PhD 2012 – 2015
Abass Toufayli

"Grain boundary engineering in Inconel 718"
Post Master MAPMOD 2012 – 2013
Stéphane Rampon

"Study of the microstructural evolution in René 65 during forging"
Master internship 2013
 Alexandre Gibot

"Annealing twin formation mechanisms"
PhD 2011 – 2014
Yuan Jin

"Study of microstructural evolution during processing in hot ferritic steels strengthened by oxide dispersion"
PhD 2011 – 2014
Abdellatif Karch

" Grain boundary engineering in Inconel 718"
Post Master MATMEF 2011 – 2012
Thomas Mongis

"Understanding and prediction of inhomogeneous grain growth in Inconel 718"
PhD 2010 – 2013
Andrea Agnoli

"Simulation of crystal plasticity and grain boundary migration of 304L steel at the mesoscopic scale"
PhD 2010 – 2013
Ana-Laura Fabiano Cruz

"Study of the hot isostatic pressing of stainless steel 316L : Numerical modeling at the mesoscopic scale and experimental characterization "
PhD 2010 – 2013
Ala Zouaghi
"Kinetics of Dissolution and maturation of the δ phase in Inconel 718"
Post Master MATMEF 2010 – 2011
Romain Bureau
"Study of the origin of defects found in aluminum alloy parts 7XXX series for the aviation industry"
PhD 2009 – 2012
Siham Agouti

"Optimisation of steel tube manufacturing line reinforced by nanometric oxide dispersion (ODS): understanding of the relationship microstructure / mechanical properties"
PhD 2009 – 2012
Louise Toualbi-Benevise

"Analysis of static recrystallization mechanisms in cold deformed tantalum for mean field modeling "
PhD 2009 – 2012br />Christophe Kerisit

"Study of inhomogeneous grain coarsening in Inconel 718"
Post Master 2009 – 2010
Andrea Agnoli "Rheology and microstructure of a TiAl alloy "
Post Master MATMEF 2009 – 2010
Othman Skalli

"Microstructure influence on T16-4 rheological behaviour"
Post Master MATMEF 2009 – 2010
Michel Saby

"Identification of elastoplastic behavior laws : Application to alternate bonding thick plates of steel "
Post Master COMPUMECH 2009 – 2010
Antoine Boulay

"Towards a better understanding and caracterization of the behaviour of steels at very high temparatures"
PhD 2008 – 2011
Christophe Pradille

"Control of thermal twinning and grain size by thermomechanical treatment in two Ni-based superalloys"
PhD 2008 – 2011
Nadia Souaï

"Towards modeling recrystallization phenomena in multi-pass conditions: application to 304L steel"
PhD 2008 – 2011
Ke Huang

"Numerical modeling of rolling of ODS steel tubes"
PhD 2008 – 2011
Esteban Vanegas
"Numerical simulation of complex representative Elementary Volumes ( VERs ): Generation, Resolution and Homogenization"
PhD 2008 – 2011
Karim Hitti

"Adaptation du post processeur métallurgique de l’Inco718 au grade du DMD456"
Post Master COMPUMECH 2008 – 2009
Antony Gamiette

"Study of the damage of aluminum alloys during swaging operations at high temparature "
Post Master MATMEF 2008 – 2009
Jesus Ramirez

"Finite element modeling of the granular scale heterogeneities within polycrystalline aggregates "
PhD 2007 – 2010
Heba Resk

"Study and optimization of high- carbon steel cold forming "
PhD 2007 – 2010
Thomas Massé

"Behavior and life of tubular, welded or not, non- ferritic steel 1.4509 : Automotive Application "
PhD 2007 – 2010
Marie-Cécile Robin

"Impact of microstructural characteristics of forged components on their fatigue at high cycle : multiscale modeling and experimental validation "
PhD 2006 – 2009
Marc Milesi

"Modeling of Shear-forming process of Tantalum and associated heat treatment" PhD 2006 – 2009
Marie Houillon

"Modeling of microstructural evolution and study of the solid film lubrication during hot spinning of Zirconium alloys"
PhD 2006 – 2009
Benoit Gaudout

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