MSR - MSM: Mean field modelling and simulation


Inconel 718 microstructure prediction after forging in industrial conditions. Inconel 718 is a popular nickel based superalloy for aeronautical components subjected to high stress and high temperatures. Control over the final microstructure after hot forging is a key element in determining the mechanical properties and for meeting the stringent requirements of the sector. We have developed a mean field model able to predict the resulting microstructure after a forming operation (supersolvus or subsolvus) as well as after post-dynamic evolutions, significant in the massive components forged industrially [Zouari et al., Mat. Sc. Eng. A 655 (2016) p.408]. In this model, the microstructure is described by a group of representative grains characterized by their size and dislocation density. Every representative grain evolves in a homogeneous matrix made up of the other grains. This allows for the following of the grain size distribution, the dislocation density distribution, the volumetric recrystallized fraction, the possible second phase volumetric fraction and the drawing of the stress-strain curve. We are currently working with Manoir Industrie (the financer of Meriem Zouari’s thesis) in order to integrate this metallurgical model into the Forge® environment industrially.


Mean field modelling of static recrystallization in tantalum. The idea of the model described above was adapted (PhD work of Christophe Kerisit) in order to take into account the kinetics of static recrystallization after cold deformation and applied to the forming of tantalum. This work is part of an ongoing partnership with the CEA Valduc and was followed up by a post-doctoral study (Charbel Moussa, recruited on tenure track in the team), an internship and a MaPMod master thesis. A PhD study will launch in October 2017 in order to enrich the microstructure’s description in the model by introducing a parameter that quantifies the formation of deformation sub-structures and their behavior during restauration. The ability to perform heat treatments under vacuum with the oven obtained using the equipement budget of the chair Opale will give us more flexibility in the study of this oxygen hungry material.
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