Metallurgy, Structure, Rheology team movies

3D modeling in a finite element/level-set numerical framework [PhD B. Scholtes] of grain boundaries pinning by second phase particles during Inconel718 annealing - in collaboration with the MSM team


Reproduction of industrial processing conditions by means of thermomechanical tests and analysis of the constitutive behavior in relation with microstructure evolutions- torsion facilities.


Full field 3D grain growth modeling for 304L thanks to a level-set framework in a finite element context [Phd B. Scholtes] - in collaboration with the MSM team

2D grain growth simulation in a high anisotropy context and a FE/level-set framework : grain boundaries are colored according to their different misorientation angles. The two red boundaries in the initial microstructure are coherent twin boundaries. During the simulation, they differ from the coherent plan driven by the migration of adjacent regular boundaries and become incoherent. [Phd Y. Jin] - in collaboration with the MSM team


Quantitative analysis of microstructures obtained from interrupted tests. In-situ facilities concerning metallurgical mechanisms and kinetics


2D FE modeling of abnormal grain growth in a superalloy by taken into account explicitly the second phase particles [PhD A. Agnoli] - in collaboration with the MSM team

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