Theses defended at CEMEF

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Theses defended at CEMEF from :

- 2010 to 2014

- 2005 to 2009

- 2000 to 2004

MN : Computation and Mechanics

SGM : Materials Sciences and Engineering

... since 2014 : MNM : Computational Mechanics and Materials

> 2019 > 2018 > 2017 > 2016 > 2015  


Anthony Seret (14/10/2019) - option MNM
> Influence of forming on the kinetics of hardening precipitation in nickel-based superalloys Inconel® 625 and AD730™.
Supervisors: Nathalie Bozzolo and Marc Bernacki

Pierrick Rambaud (23/09/2019) - option MNM
> Computational modelling of post machining distortions of aluminium aeronautical parts: application to thin walls.
Supervisor: Katia Mocellin

Romain Flaurisson (26/08/2019) - option MNM
> Development of a parallel multi-scale model of dendritic growth coupling the FEM (Finite Element Method) and CAPTN (Cellular Automaton Parabolic Thick Needles).
Supervisor: Charles-André Gandin

Sophie Groult (28/05/2019) - option MNM
> Pectin aerogels: advanced materials for thermal insulation and drug delivery.
Supervisor: Tatiana Budtova

Lucile Druel (10/05/2019) - option MNM
> Nanoporous organic and hybrid cellulose-based aerogels.
Supervisor: Tatiana Budtova

Ghalia Guiza (3/05/2019) - option MNM
> Reliable and Adaptive CFD Framework for Airship Design.
Supervisor: Elie Hachem

Alban Bazile (25/04/2019) - option MNM
> Variational adaptive finite element formulation and massively parallel computing for aerothermal industry applications.
Supervisors: Elie Hachem and Youssef Mesri


Victor Manuel Trejo Navas (20/12/2018) - MNM option
> Understanding, Observation, Modeling and Simulation of Ductile Damage Mechanisms.
Thesis Master: Daniel Pino Muñoz
Supervisors: Pierre-Olivier Bouchard and Marc Bernacki

Fabien Goldspiegel (19/12/2018) - MNM option
> Numerical simulation of the High Speed Nailing process to join dissimilar materials.
Supervisor: Katia Mocellin

Suzanne Vernier (17/12/2018) - MNM option
> Microstructural evolution of the AD730TM Nickel-base superalloy during the industrial forging process.
Supervisor: Nathalie Bozzolo

Abdelouahed Chbihi (3/12/2018) - MNM option
> Understanding and tensorial modelling of void closure during hot metal forming processes.
Thesis Master: Daniel Pino Muñoz
Supervisors: Pierre-Olivier Bouchard and Marc Bernacki

Ludovic Maire (23/11/2018) - MNM option
> Development by homogenization of a new mean field dynamic recrystallization (DRX) model.
Supervisors: Marc Bernacki, Nathalie Bozzolo and Charbel Moussa

Danai Polychronopoulou (19/07/2018) - MNM option
> Spheroidization in titanium alloys: experimental analysis and numerical modeling.
Supervisors: Nathalie Bozzolo and Marc Bernacki

Carlos Eloy Federico Fernandez (18/06/2018) - MNM option
> Study and modelling of the thermomechanical behavior of amorphous polymers with controlled molecular weights and crosslinking degree.
Supervisor: Noëlle BILLON

Qiang Chen (10/04/2018) - MNM option
> Thermomechanical numerical modelling of additive manufacturing by selective laser melting of powder bed - Application to ceramic materials.
Supervisor: Michel Bellet


Yang Fu (18/12/2017) - MNM option
> Morphology of ternary mixtures PLA/PBAT/PA.
Supervisors: Patrick Navard et Edith Peuvrel-Disdier

Mehdi Khalloufi (11/12/2017) - MNM option
> Multiphase flows with phase change and turbulent boiling in quenching processes.
Supervisors: Elie hachem and Rudy Valette

Luca Marioni (17/11/2017) - MNM option
> Computational Modelling and Electromagnetic-CFD Coupling in Casting Processes.
Supervisors: François Bay and Elie hachem

Colin Laville (13/09/2017) - MNM option
>Mechanical characterization and numerical modeling of aortic valve tissues.
Supervisor: Yannick Tillier

Margaux Aris-Brosou (21/06/2017) - MNM option
> Thermoplastic polymer sheathing of offshore pipes: microstructure - properties relationship.
Supervisors: Noëlle Billon and Michel Vincent

Frédéric Vi (16/06/2017) - MNM option
> Multigrid and local remeshing for Forge.
Supervisors: Lionel Fourment and Katia Mocellin

Abbass Toufayli(22/05/2017) - MNM option
> Shot peening of heterogeneous microstructure: Numerical modeling and influence on fatigue properties.
Supervisors: Pierre-Olivier Bouchard and Marc Bernacki

Miren Jugo Viloria (21/04/2017) - MNM option
> Analysis and comprehension of instabilities of elastomers with nano fills.
Supervisor: Bruno Vergnes

Luis Fernando Salazar Betancourt (21/04/2017) - MNM option
> Thermo-mechanical Modelling of high performance SMC for compression molding applications.
Supervisor: Patrice Laure

Grégoire Quandalle (28/03/2017) - MNM option
> Thermodynamic modelling of strain induced crystallization of polymers.
Supervisors: Noëlle Billon and Sabine Cantournet

Kokou Adokanou (10/03/2017) - MNM option
> Micro and nano-structural study of failures of microelectronic architectures in severe environment.
Supervisors: Karim Inal and Pierre Montmitonnet

Stéphanie Riber (3/02/2017) - MNM option
> Powder layer for complex and performing materials.
Supervisors: Elie Hachem and Rudy Valette


Yamina Abdesselam (14/12/2016) - MNM option
> Study of spread coating processes and plastisols rheology.
Supervisor: Jean-François Agassant

Quentin Schmid (14/12/2016) - MNM option
> Finite element methods for the simulation of radiative transfer in industrial furnaces.
Supervisor: Elie Hachem

Laure Billon (9/12/2016) - MNM option
> Adaptative mesh for unsteady interfaces with deformations, stretching, curvatures.
Supervisor: Elie Hachem

Marie-Agathe Charpagne (8/12/2016) - MNM option
> Rheological and microstructural behavior of y/y' Ni-based superalloy under hot forging conditions.
Supervisor: Nathalie Bozzolo

Benjamin Scholtès (5/12/2016) - MNM option
> Development of an efficient level set framework for the numerical modeling of 3D recrystallization.
Supervisor: Marc Bernacki

Joan Giraudeau (5/12/2016) - MNM option
> Relationship between microstructure and mechanical behaviour of injection-molded polyamide 66 matrices.
Supervisor: Noëlle Billon

Carole Sarkis (1/12/2016) - MNM option
> Numerical model for microstructure development during solidification.
Supervisor: Charles-André Gandin

Modesar Shakoor (4/11/2016) - MNM option
> Damage and fracture modeling of complex 3D heterogeneous microstructures.
Supervisors: Pierre-Olivier Bouchard and Marc Bernacki

Sébastien Orellana (11/10/2016) - MNM option
> Development of mobile structures embedded in the interconnection of microelectronic chips. Multiscale approach of mechanical and electrical contact.
Supervisors: Karim Inal and Pierre Montmitonnet

Cyprien Karolak (28/09/2016) - MNM option
> Analysis and modelling of the fracture process of carbonitrided car seats flange.
Supervisors: Pierre-Olivier Bouchard and Pierre Montmitonnet

Lionel Freire (26/09/2016) - SG Moption
> Cooling rate and transcrystallinity effects in the crystallization of polyamides 66 with different molecular architectures.
Supervisors: Noëlle Billon and Jean-Marc Haudin

Takao Koshikawa (20/09/2016) - SGM option
> Deformation of steel ingots by punch pressing during their solidification. Numerical modelling and experimental validation of induced hot cracking and macrosegregation phenomena.
Supervisors: Michel Bellet and Charles-André Gandin

Lucas Sardo (19/07/2016) - MNM option
> Flow modeling of molten polymer in Buss-type co-kneaders.
Supervisors: Bruno Vergnes and Rudy Valette

Jérôme Bodillard (13/07/2016) - SGM option
> Grip prediction for outsole rubbers: tribological, mechanical and finite element analyses.
Supervisors: Noelle Billon and Pierre Montmitonnet

Komi Atchou Ewuame (14/06/2016) - SGM option
> Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Thermomechanical Stresses Induced during the Emerging Processes of Chips Manufacturing by means of Embedded Sensors.
Supervisors : Pierre-Olivier Bouchard and Karim Inal

Guillaume Normand (19/04/2016) - MNM option
> Effect of the process on the dispersion of the organoclay in a polypropylene matrix.
Supervisors: Bruno Vergnes and Edith Peuvrel-Disdier

Rodolfo Alves Zapata (11/04/2016) - MNM option
> Modeling of Electromagnetic Forming Processes.
Supervisor: François Bay

Valentin Badin (14/03/2016) - SGM option
> Creation of porous surfaces on stainless steels by oxides reduction with H2 at high temperature.
Supervisor: Evelyne Darque-Ceretti

Jia-Xin Zhao (03/03/2016) - MNM option
> From Image to mesh.
Supervisor: Thierry Coupez

Benjamin Chartrel (02/03/2016) - SGM option
> Forming of Titanium Alloy parts: Analysis and Optimization of Processes.
Supervisors: François Bay and Elisabeth Massoni

Ali Saad(09/02/2016) - SGM option
>Numerical Modelling of Macrosegregation Formed During Solidification with Shrinkage Using a Level Set Approach.
Supervisors: Charles-André gandin et Michel Bellet

Anne-Claire Jeanson (21/01/2016) - SGM option
> Identification of mechanical behavior under extreme dynamic loads : Developpement of an innovative strategy applied to magnetic pulse forming and to electrohydraulic forming.
Supervisors: François Bay (CEMEF) and Nicolas Georges Marcel Jacques (Université de Lorraine)


Thi-Thuy-My Nguyen (18/12/2015) - MNM option
> Multiscale modeling of solidification structures and interaction with fluid mechanics.
Supervisor: Michel Bellet

Meriem Zouari (17/12/2015) - SGM option
> Modelling of recrystallization in Inconel 718 during hot forming.
Supervisor: Nathalie Bozzolo et Roland logé

Valentine Legrand (08/12/2015) - MNM option
> Precipitation modeling and mechanical properties prediction in structural hardening aluminum alloys. Application to the friction stir welding process (FSW) of AA2024 metal sheets.
Supervisor: Charles-André Gandin

Ahmed Abdennadher (01/12/2015) - MNM option
> Injection Moulding of Natural Fibre Reinforced Polypropylene.
Supervisors: Tatiana Budtova et Michel Vincent

Sabrina Gastebois(09/07/2015) - MNM option
>Arbitrary lagrangian eulerian formulation for the numerical simulation of FSW process.
Supervisor: Lionel Fourment

Arnaud Demilecamps (07/07/2015) - SGM option
>Aerogel-Based Composite/Hybrid Nanomaterials for Cost-Effective Building Super-Insulation Systems.
Supervisors: Tatiana Budtova (CEMEF) and Arnaud Rigacci (PERSEE)

Boris Martin (26/06/2015) - SGM option
>Experimental approach & numerical simulation on the effect of the internal architecture of continuous unidirectional reinforcements in a thermoset matrix & prediction of the effective mechanical properties.
Supervisor: Pr. Noëlle Billon

Achraf Kallel (15/06/2015) - SGM option
>Study of a high speed process for laminating plastic films by adhesive deposition.
Supervisor: Jean-François Agassant

Fadi El Haddad (29/05/2015) - MN option
> Multi-domain large deformations by a monolithic approach for massive parallel computing.
Supervisor: Thierry Coupez

Romain Magnier (10/04/2015) - SGM option
> Study and optimization of the printability of polymer films produced by calendering process and other processes.
Supervisors: Bruno Vergnes et Evelyne Darque-Ceretti

Renato Pereira de Melo (30/03/2015) - SGM option
> Development of polyamide composites with natural fibres for automotive applications.
Supervisor: Patrick Navard
[joint thesis supervision with Federal University of Rio de Janairo(Brazil)]

Victor Fabre (11/03/2015) - SGM option
> Characterization of fatigue damage mechanisms of short fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composite material - case of short glass-fibre reinforced polyamide 6,6.
Supervisors: Sabine Cantournet (CDM - Evry) and Noëlle Billon (CEMEF)

Antoine Marchal (6/02/2015) - SGM option
> Modeling of bubble growth in complex fluids. Application to radiolytic swelling of nuclear bituminized waste products.
Supervisors: Bruno Vergnes and Rudy Valette

Simon Gousseau (26/01/2015)  - SGM option
> In Operando Characterization of Electromigration-Induced Damage in 3D Interconnects - Toward a predictive finite elements model.
Supervisors: Pierre Montmitonnet et Karim Inal

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