A new Industrial Chair starts at CEMEF

10 February 2020

The ANR, the French National Research Agency, seledted the TOPAZE project in the 2019 call for projects. TOPAZE is the second consecutive industrial chair doordinated by Nathalie Bozzolo, head of the MSR team at CEMEF

It will be continuing the work started through the first Industrial Chair ANR Safran OPALE which came to an end at the end of 2019. The progress made within OPALE has encourage the team to continue. This is how Nathalie Bozzolo submitted a new project to the ANR, which was convinced. Indeed, the TOPAZE industrial chair is one the five projects selected by the ANR 2019 call. It will bring together the same teams from CEMEF, Institut P' and SAFRAN and starts at the beginning of 2020.

TOPAZE chair takes the same objective of the OPALE chair: to optimize the properties of polycristalline nickel-based superalloys by controlling the microstructures resulting from forming. TOPAZE will focus on superalloys γ-γ'.

These superalloys are used for turbojet engine parts because of their mechanical strength at high temperatures. The aim is to be able to increase their energy efficiency so as to consume less and reduce their ecological impact. Superalloys γ-γ' are the only materials capable of meeting the manufacturing requirements for turbine disks in the hottest parts of engines. They are used on the latest aircraft and helicopter engines and will be used for several decades. Among the many locks, let us mention the one at the heart of the work of the TOPAZE Chair. This is the extreme complexity of the metallurgical mechanisms at work in superalloys γ-γ'.

Eight PhD projects will form the basis of this research programme. It should be noted taht the acquisition at CEMEF of a new 3D microscope equipped with a heat treatment chamberwill provide exceptional resources for these studies.

SAFRAN, cofinancer of the first chair, renew its support and co-fiance this new chair.

It is a strong signal for Nathalie Bozzolo : This is an achievement for us that we dreamed of, without really daring to believe in it. Obtaining the ANR's approval for two consecutive industrial chairs is a great gift. Our SAFRAN partners trust us and consider our research work. It is a wonderful recognition and a great new challenge too for us. We have to keep our work at the very top of the international academic scene and up to the expectations of our industrial partner.


The TOPAZE industrial chair was inaugurated on February 10, 2020 at SAFRAN. 


The TOPAZE chair in brief

– Duration: 4 years

– Academic partners: CEMEF, Institut P'

– Industrial partner: Safran

– PhD projects: 8

– Total funding: 1.9 M€







>> Find out more on TOPAZE Chair website


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