Elie Hachem, distinguished 2020 IACM Fellow

7 August 2020

Elie Hachem, scientist at CEMEF, head of the CFL team, is distinguished IACM 2020 Fellow.


The IACM, the International Association for Computational Mechanics, is THE scientific society in the field of computational mechanics. It brings together more than 5,000 members worldwide. Every two years, it awards its prestigious Fellow Award.


This award recognizes up to 8 individuals who have distinguished themselves by their research achievements and publications in the fields of computational mechanics, and who have supported the IACM as members and by taking active part in its meetings and activities. 


Elie Hachem talks about this award :


To be recognized by one's peers is always an immense satisfaction. But it goes beyond that. I am looking forward to joining this club that I have always admired. The IACM is THE international community for mechanics and numerical simulation. When I look at the list of winners, among them are my mentors. I think of C. Farhat and J.L. Chenot (former director of CEMEF) to name but a few, but there are many other researchers I admire. This means a lot to me.


I take this award as recognition of the work done, of course. It also strengthens France's position in this field of research. I am proud to contribute to it. It makes me even more motivated to continue to challenge myself and my team on a scientific level.


This prize also gives me a great responsibility. I hope to be able to inspire young people, to make them want to docomputational research. 



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IACM Fellow Award

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