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18 June 2020

Like many, we have experienced teleworking. The on-site return to work started in May with the experimenters. Since then, little by little, we have been returning to our offices and it is a real joy to be back… in compliance with the protection rules (social distancing and wearing a mask). Our situation is nothing special.

Yet it was the occasion of a special event, which we would like to share and which highlights Loan Vo :

Loan is Vietnamese. After her thesis in Austria, Loan joined us in 2013 to work on the Future Investment Project, Biomass For the Future. She will meet her husband, Jordi, also in postdoc at CEMEF, together they have a little girl. She will then return as a research engineer for another research project of the BIO team with the company Luxottica. The project ended in December 2019. 

In full lockdown, Loan is investigating… Thanks to a relative, a doctor in Vietnam, she finds what she is looking for: masks! Not just any masks, "real" ones that protect, are reusable AND validated by the health services. At the end of April, when the shortage is acute, she orders 1000 masks with the intention of distributing them! 

As soon as the delivery was received, on 11 June, Loan came to CEMEF to donate 250 masks! CEMEF is a bit like her second family, she says, so it's only natural that she wants to contribute and help.

*Delivery difficulties with the closed borders did not allow her to get the total number she had hoped for. So Loan delivered all the masks received to CEMEF.

We want to give her a kiss, to hug her to express our gratitude.

Thank you Loan for your gesture and your attention. You are very discreet and you certainly don't like to be put forward like this but it is the way we can thank you and show our appreciation.


It is also an opportunity for us to talk about Loan's immense professional qualities.

Loan Vo is an outstanding materials science researcher. She is interested in various areas of biomass-based materials: such as polymer composites reinforced with natural fillers, the functionalization of cellulose or cellulose derivatives. She is the author of more than 10 papers, two patents and numerous contributions to national and international conferences. The results she obtained during her time at CEMEF were beyond her expectations. 

>> See her publications (HAL)

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